Is decorating something you love to do, or does it give you cold chills to think about? It seems to be one of those hot or cold things that you either spend most of your days dreaming about or you slap some things on the walls and call it done. No matter how you feel about decorating, when you have purchased a home, it is something you will spend a considerable amount of time tackling as you find the perfect place for all of your belongings. Read on →

Kids everywhere, animals running all over, furniture crammed into spaces too small…if any of this sounds like your home, it could be time for a bigger place to lay your head. Regardless of your reason, if you are ready to upgrade or expand your space, you will need to decide how you are going to go about it. If you have the property, you could renovate and add on or rearrange your current home. Read on →

You bought it…the home of your dreams! You made it through the home viewing process, the inspection process, the closing process…and now it is all yours. As you get settled in and make your house a home, it’s likely the last thing you are thinking about is going away. That is, until the kids are out of school and bouncing off the walls while you try to organize, work is becoming more and more of a drag and the weather is so beautiful. Read on →

When you are buying a home, a home inspection is a customary part of the process. After all the looking and questioning, when you have found the home of your dreams your sights might only be set on moving in, but it is crucial to make sure that your eyes are not deceiving you and that your house is truly as beautiful as you think it is, inside and out. Read on →

You have chosen your house and signed the paperwork—everything is all yours! House-shopping can be both exciting and a bit of a drag sometimes. Buying a house is a huge decision, and the amount of things to consider can make anyone’s head spin. Making your choice and getting handed the keys to your future is a great feeling. And it means that the fun shopping can begin. A new house deserves new items to fill it. Read on →

If you have ever rented, either short or long-term, you know that costs are pretty steep these days. While the total profit that rental owners make isn’t as big as your amount due might have you believe, investing in property could be a solid way to increase your income. If you have a favorite vacation spot, opting to buy rather than rent every time you go could even increase your overall profit when you factor in the savings of being able to stay in your own space. Read on →

Now that you are in your first home and getting settled, your major expenses should be dropping, right? Making a home purchase and seeing big dollar signs in front of you, coupled with the cost of new appliances or furniture, the moving company…well, it can all be a little overwhelming. While you may not be shelling out large amounts as much once you are finally settled, owning a home will always come with expenses. Read on →

The wait is over! It is finally time to move into your dream home. Once you have finished all the touring and all the paperwork, the hard part is over, right? Well, yes…and no. While you may have secured the home you always wanted, now you have to actually pack all your belongings and get them there. So what is the best way to pack everything? Should you invest in packing boxes? Read on →

Questions are a part of our everyday life. Should I eat this, or that? Do I need a jacket today? Can my car go a little longer with the gas light on? When you are buying a home, your daily questions likely increase tenfold. As with every big decision you have to make (and buying a home is bigger than big), making sure you are asking the right kinds of questions is essential to gathering all the information you need. Read on →

Deciding to buy a home is really exciting. Whether you are a first-time or repeat buyer, you might have ideas about what you want going into the search that can quickly become lost as you sort through all the options and weigh out all the costs. While part of the joy of home-buying is the hunt, the more you research ahead of time, the less overwhelming things can become. Dreaming is a great place to start as you sort through what it is you want your living arrangements to be, but take the time to define your dreams in order to land in the most perfect home for you. Read on →