Are You Ready to Leave the Rent Behind? | Journey Home Lending

Who doesn’t want to find themselves in a home of their own? Homeownership is one of the biggest goals most Americans haveā€”even though it can seem like a lifetime away.

Our team at Journey Home Lending wants you to know that your dream of owning a home can be a reality. And in fact, it might be a reality sooner rather than later if you can check off these three items:

You Are Ready to Start Paying Yourself

When you are a renter, you are basically paying someone else’s mortgage to live in the space. When you are giving them that payment each month, they are putting it towards their investment.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the money you were paying each month was going toward your investment? We think so, too!

If you are tired of helping someone else invest in their future rather than investing in your own, it might be time to buy your own home!

Your Credit Score Is in a Good Place

Many times it is a credit score that keeps people from being able to buy a home. But renting for a short time can often give people the time they need to build their credit score back up to where it needs to be for homeownership.

If your credit score is 500 or higher and you are currently a renter, give our team a call today to learn if you are eligible for a home mortgage plan with your credit score.

You Have an Emergency Fund

When it comes to being a homeowner, it isn’t just the mortgage payment you need to worry about paying on a monthly basis. Being a homeowner comes with a number of costs, including regular maintenance, homeowners’ association dues, homeowners’ insurance and unexpected repairs.

As a renter, you might be used to having these issues taken care of for you by your landlord. However, as a homeowner, these issues will be your responsibility. So you want to make sure you have a solid emergency fund built up to cover these costs.

Are you ready to say goodbye to rent and hello to a new mortgage payment? Contact Journey Home Lending to learn how we can assist you!