5 Small Projects That Can Pay Off at Sale Time | Journey Home Lending

If you pay attention to home improvement shows or publications, there’s a good chance you know there are some home improvement projects that can increase the resale value of your property. You may also know some projects many people expect to pay off in the end often don’t.

Regardless of how much you know about what projects pay dividends and which don’t, here are some pointers on choosing efforts that will actually help when it comes time to sell.

Bathroom Renovations

We’re not talking about a full gut-and-build, this is just about mostly light work to update and improve your throne room. People like to think of their bathrooms as sanctuaries of relaxation of cleanliness. Making it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves luxuriating in the facilities can make it easier for them to envision buying your home. From cleaning old caulk to a like-new appearance to replacing an old tub and surround, there is a wide range of project options for the bathroom that can pay off.

Kitchen Remodel

Giving your kitchen a new look can also pay off substantially, but this is also an area people sink too much into. What you’re looking for here isn’t a home magazine centerfold, you just want to create an atmosphere that lets potential buyers see the possibilities. Ensuring every surface looks as clean and well-cared-for as possible is a good start on that. Some small additional steps that can make noticeable differences: refinishing cabinets, replacing window finishes and adding battery-powered under-cabinet lighting that gives a high-end look.


You know what they say about the importance of first impressions and driving up to the property is the first impression potential buyers get. Investing a little money and effort into the yard and garden can get the showing and, hopefully, the sale off on the right foot. Assuming you aren’t a landscape architect, this is one place where experience with home improvement shows and magazines can pay off. Get some inspiration, then get to the local home improvement or gardening store and get to work. For an additional boost, consider adding some pavers or a veneer over your front walk that can add a little character to the path to the front door.

Exterior Improvements

Same idea, different projects. Again, we’re looking at small steps to make noticeable differences, so we’re not talking about replacing all the siding and putting in new windows. This is more about ensuring there aren’t obvious issues with the exterior of your house, front, sides and back, top and bottom. Those problems can quickly torpedo your home’s value and give shoppers a strong bargaining position. Don’t regret not touching up chipping paint or replacing missing window screens.


Even if you can’t give your home a whole new look through renovations, you can at least pep it up with some staging. Your real estate agent or his or her firm should be able to help with this. Basically, you want to create an atmosphere that makes it easier for potential buyers to envision happy lives in this home. You just want them to see the beauty and potential in the place that you know.

We’re all about making the process of buying a new home easier. If it’s time for your big move, reach out to Journey Home Lending today.